Colossal and Roman Rottweilers

I've been reading posts recently, in different breed forums, due to people asking about Colossal and Roman Rottweilers. If you do a general search on Google, you're probably brought to this site. So, this article is to warn potential puppy buyers the truth behind different breed standards and breeders' ethics.

If people are very new to the breed, they could believe anything that was written, on a site, taken it to be legitimate. People don't seem to realize that anyone can create web sites with whatever written claim they want you to read and then run with your money. Some sites claim to be breeders offering puppies for sale and they don't even own dogs. Other sites, are easily seen for what they are, and are known as big time puppy-mills, and pet stores.

If this breeder, that is mentioned, is really breeding these dogs, it is sad that they are ruining our beloved Rottweiler breed for their own greediness, and not breeding to a correct breed standard. One of the first words mentioned on this site is pertaining to money, credit cards, and PayPal - which should immediately put up "Red Flags" of what this breeder is all about!

Unintelligence of the Rottweiler breed is rampant already and we don't need more dogs bred in this fashion! This breeder could be breeding some pets with satisfied owners, but they want the Rottweiler for all the wrong reasons. Size is not everything in a dog. In fact, it should be on the far end of the spectrum of why you are attracted to a certain dog. By all means, you should know how large an adult dog would be, before you buy, to see if it fits into your lifestyle, but it shouldn't be the #1 reason to purchase a dog/breed. Bigger is not always better! Many more health problems arise with dogs that are bred in this matter. Also, if anyone knows canine genetics, size is not always exact science. Two small dogs placed together can create large dogs or visa versa.

A misleading quote from this site: "Price depends on the particular breeding. Pricing for pups who will exceed 26 ½” for males & females who will exceed 24 ½” prices start at $800. Pricing for puppies who will exceed very much more beyond 26 ½” for males & 24 ½” for females start at $1,200. The larger the offspring is projected to be the higher the price." from

It's amazing that a breeder knows, that a very young puppy, mind you a puppy, will be a certain size as an adult! Do we have any mind-reading breeders out there that can do the same???

Of course, the bigger the dog, the more amount of $$$$! Let's see the AKC standard is: Males 24-27 inches, Females 22-25 inches. How then are these "Roman" dogs any larger then AKC dogs??? Yes, we prefer mid-range!!! But our dogs still can be in this size range per our standard. The person claims to have a large end of the scale 25" female who weighs 90 lbs. So do many other Rottie owners. It doesn't mean that the dog is "Colossal" or will whelp larger then above average puppies. Furthermore, it shouldnÂ’t be the only reason why a dog should be bred!

Key words like: "Large blocky heads, large droopy flews for drooling, large super-size bone, huge bodies, etc." are instant "Red Flags" of what the breeder is all about! Anyone who owned a male and female dog, bred them together, and sold them as pets, could claim to be a breeder. Please understand that there is more to breeding then just sticking two dogs together and producing puppies. Especially, when they claim to spay/neuter to help control pet population, but have already poorly bred those same dogs prior to spaying/neutering.

Please new time owner(s) beware of hoaxes of all kinds and ask many questions from reputable people who've been in the breed you are researching. Find out what the difference is between the true "Correct" breed standard and this hoax that is claiming to be a new breed. Anyone could purchase incorrect over-sized Rottweilers, breed them together, and then claim that it is a new breed! When a dog breeder lists a kennel club like, AKR (Academic Kennel Records), it is like all those other dog registries that will take people's money and not care about "True Pure-Bred Pedigreed Breed Standards". If you want to learn more about a Rottweiler's true origin and breed standard, go to the breed's original parent clubs, the ADRK and ARC web sites.

Also, if you do a general search throughout this one site, you will notice the breeder doesn't have OFA/CERF health clearances or pedigrees listed. If a breeder does not, please go the opposite way as fast as you can! In doing your research for any dog, look at longtime reputable show and working breeder's dogs, accomplishments, what they offer, what they write on their sites, what they say to you in e-mail messages or better yet, on the phone. Then compare them with other so-called breeders' dogs and what is more important too them. Are they selling you a puppy as their #1 priority or offering you correct breed education and trying to help you find what is best for you? Most of these people who just want to sell puppies have poorly bred looking specimens. After doing your research, you will really notice the huge difference between a poorly bred unhealthy dog or years of correctly bred healthy dogs by reputable breeders.

Furthermore, this part is so misleading - another direct quote from the site: "The Rottweiler was originally a very large version of the breed unlike todays standard size AKC rottweilers. Most Rottie breeders frown on The Superior Size Rottweiler, however, it was not a small dog that protected the master and the master's moneybag & herded and protected the cattle over the Alps. And it was not a small draft dog who pulled the family cart into town, and pulled it back home loaded with supplies. Large rottweilers are true original rottweilers. However the rottweiler was bred down in size after the Romans left a few in Germany that is where we get the standard size rottweiler from the Germans." from

How long has this person been around? How do they really know how large the dogs were then, when there was no written documentation of those dogs in the first place? It's extremely misleading when people think they know that the breed was like these so-called "Colossal and Roman" dogs, back in ___ A.D.

What we do know, but is still not totally documented proof, is the following: The dogs weren't known to do the type of work listed above, as stated on the site, until after they arrived in Germany years down the road; not over the Alps.

They were first known as: "War, Drover, and Cattle Dogs" for the Roman Army that drove cattle across the Swiss Alps (these dogs were not yet Rottweilers or so-called Roman Rottweilers, but Mastiff and Swiss Mountain breeds) - they did not draft and protect money bag pouches as a herding dog until after they came into Germany and those dogs were mixed with the farmers' dogs that finally created the Rottweiler breed as it is known today.

Funny how words get all messed up when you want them to sound the way you want too, just for a sales gimmick! If you want to call your "New" breed something, it should be more correct on the lines of a Mastiff breed and not the Rottweiler, if one was to use this description from this site.

Nowhere is the name, Rottweiler, mentioned until the breed was finally established in Rottweil, Germany! ADRK is the only one that knows the true standard and breed history. There were a couple of clubs before them that formed into the ADRK that it is today, but they are the original founders of the breed! If you look at the older documented pictures of Rottweilers, most of them were thin, small boned, long in body, more houndy looking in the muzzle and head type, and leggy (not tall, they just werenÂ’t correctly proportioned yet). Nowhere do you see them overly huge, especially in those times!

Anyways! Next time you come across a site, similar to the one mentioned, or any breeder trying to sell a "Rare, Colossal, or Roman" Rottweiler, do yourself a favor and run the opposite way if you truly want a "Real" Rottweiler bred to the correct breed standards!

Written by, Jo Ann Lewis - "
Von Stallog Rottweilers"