Adopting a Rottweiler from a Rescue Center

More and more people are opting to adopt a Rottweiler from animal rescue centers.  Your decision to share your home with a dog from the rescue center is one commendable effort. Adoption is an avenue by which this animal will get the humane treatment that it deserves. 

Many rescue centers and animal shelters resort to putting down overly aggressive Rottweilers, especially the ones which have stayed in the shelter for a long period of time without getting any offers for adoption.  A Rottweiler can sometimes be aggressive by nature and this can only be lessened with proper training and treatment.  A Rottweiler’s aggression may be caused by the harsh treatment and horrible situations it has experienced from its previous owners. Natural aggressiveness in dogs, particularly in Rottweilers, is a given, however it should not possess attacking instincts for it might get you in trouble later on.  

Your Veterinarian is the best source of tips and advice on how to raise the Rottweiler that you have adopted from the animal shelter.  Before bringing your dog home, you should arm yourself with knowledge and information on how best to deal with an animal from a shelter.  You can also get in touch with a reputable Rottweiler breeder in the area who can be a rich source of advice on how to help your new dog adapt well to its new environment.  You should also know how to train and what you need to prepare for the coming of the newest addition to your family.

Just like any breed of dog, housebreaking is always on the top of your “to-do” list.  You will be lucky enough if the Rottweiler that you choose to adopt has already been housebroken. It will give you the chance to move to the next stage in the training process. If by chance, your Rottweiler has not been housebroken, one easier method of training it is using the crate method. Be sure to be generous with your praises and lavish your dog with encouragement and other forms of positive reinforcement.  When you’re at home, don’t forget to let the dog out from its crate.

Most Rottweilers which have been rescued can belong to two extreme dispositions—very shy or very aggressive.  They have been through a lot and you have to take this fact into consideration. Most of them are abused and neglected and by adopting one, you are taking on the responsibility of giving them love and attention that have been denied from them by their previous owners.

With aggressive dogs, you need to be patient and move forward at a slow pace. They need to understand that you are different from their previous owners and they need time to understand and adjust to everything that has been happening.  

Although your adopted Rottweiler seems to be shy and docile, always be on your guard and be very careful when dealing with it.  It need time to adjust and be comfortable in your presence. So proceed slowly but with a firm hand. Never try to include punishment for it can push your Rottweiler to the edge. 

A well-loved Rottweiler which has been adopted will give you years and years of joy and companionship.