Choosing Your Very Own Rottweiler Puppy


Picking out the best Rottweiler puppy from a breeder’s litter is certainly one exciting venture. Rottweiler puppies are definitely adorable and you might be lured into selecting the first puppy you set your eyes on. However, in order to get the best Rottweiler pup for you, you need to be armed with the general tips to help you with the task at hand.

Tip #1.  Choosing a healthy puppy with a friendly disposition should be foremost in your mind to ensure that you will have a happy and well-adjusted dog.

Be alert for the first puppy that will approach you or one that does not shy away from you.  Never pick out the puppy that seems to be fearful of your presence, or one that seems to be aggressive or nips your hand when you try to hold it.  Instead, set your heart on the puppy that allows you to hold and handle him/her.

Tip #2.  Ask to meet the parents.

Do the parents seem to be exhibiting desirable behavior – friendly, well-behaved and easy to deal with? If the parents have good dispositions, there is a high probability that their puppies will grow to be of the same nature when given the proper training and care.

Tip #3.  Inquire from the breeder how many times the puppies’ mother had whelped or given birth?

For a female Rottweiler which is being used for breeding, the rule of thumb is to have only 3 litters at most in her lifetime. The purpose of which is to produce the best offspring. Being allowed to get pregnant at the best time will allow the dam sufficient time to recover in between litters.

Tip #4.  Closely inspect the puppy’s hind legs.

Rottweilers are prone to hereditary defects affecting their hind legs that may prove to be expensive later on.  Upon examination make sure that their back legs are not grossly turned out or in. Generally, the ideal conformation of the back legs should be for the most part, facing forward.

For good measure, it is also best to ask the dog breeder about any history of hip dysplasia and other defects affecting the hind limb of the parents that may have a big possibility of being inherited and manifested by any of its puppies.

Tip #5. Prepare your question and never hesitate to ask.

Be wary of breeders who are hesitant or fail to answer your questions directly.  Most reputable breeders will be eager to share with you the virtues of their Rottweiler puppies and their parents. They will be eager to answer your questions allow you to see the parents and the kennels where the dogs and their puppies are kept.

Aside from asking about hip dysplasia, ask about cancer problems, heart problems, temperament problems, or any other problems.

Tip #6.  Have room for consideration

When going to the dog breeder to pick out your Rottweiler pup, be sure to keep an open mind. You might be dismayed that they don’t meet your expectations. Each breeder and his pups should be given a chance to shine.