Excessive Rottweiler Barking


A Rottweiler, like any other dog, is expected to bark occasionally. It is a trait which is a leftover from their ancestors’ days in the wild. However, there are instances when your Rottweiler’s barking becomes excessive and a nuisance not only to you but to your neighbors.  Before you get fed up with your dog or get in a tiff with your neighbors, you need to act to correct and stop your Rottweiler’s incessant barking.  It can be done, so don’t worry, though.    Your dog’s barking will be controlled in no time.

In order to get rid of this undesirable habit you need to understand why your Rottweiler barks excessively.     If you can remember, barking in the wild is a means of communication.  It is a means by which they correspond with other dogs to convey their emotions and even warnings of incoming danger. When you notice your dog barking, try to look around you and observe the surroundings and situations that may have caused your dog to bark. Oftentimes, being very social, they get lonely when left along for long periods of time. They long for the company of the other members of the pack. Barking is a way of telling you that they miss you and they want you around, or they long to play with you. 

Another culprit why your dog barks excessively can be attributed to their protective instincts.  By barking at a stranger or at another dog or animal, they think they are protecting you by warning of imminent danger.

Or maybe your dog is one big balloon of pent-up excitement and bubbling energy. 

When you have pinpointed the possible reason for your dog’s excessive barking, it is time for action. You can only know which road of correction to take if you understand the reason for its barking.

A dog’s loneliness will take time to correct especially if everyone is busy and out most of the day. One of the best things which can be done to remedy this situation is to subject your Rottweiler to regular exercise. If you can’t send a sizeable portion of your time with your dog, try regular quality time. Your Rottweiler is a creature of habit and when you endeavor to set aside a particular time each day for play and exercise, it will do wonders to stopping its excessive barking.

Good obedience and behavior training comes into play when trying to stop your Rottweiler from barking excessively.  You can never stop your dog from barking by just slipping on a barking collar. A well-trained dog will know when it is doing good or behaving badly.  Using verbal commands combined with hand gestures can positively reinforce how your dog should act in particular situations.  A good example is when your dog sees another dog in the distance and goes berserk. Let your dog know that this behavior is improper by giving it a firm pull while saying the “quiet” command.

Your Rottweiler is an intelligent dog and it is one of the best breeds to train. They savor the attention and your company during training. In your efforts to stop your dog from barking excessively, think positive and be patient.  It will take time and constant practice for your Rottweiler to learn and understand your commands.  Because of their intelligence, your Rottweiler may challenge your leadership as the Alpha dog, once in a while. However, if you remain firm, proper training will certainly cure behavioral problems.