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    Hi. Looking for information on the Rotherwood kennel in Ontario. Interested in getting my rottie pup from them. Thanks

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    Please keep looking. I have belonged to the RCC for many years and have never heard of these breeders. I took a quick look at their website. None of the dogs are titled in conformation or have any working or obedience titles. The health clearances on most of the dogs are only prelimed. Things do, and have changed once the dogs are 24 months of age. They are breeding dogs with DJD 1 in both elbows...also I see no eye( CERF) or heart clearances on any of the dogs that they use for breeding. Lots of females....not sure how many puppies they produce? Also, what drives me the that to reserve a puppy $300. deposit is needed...and first deposit gets first pick of puppy,etc. Ethical breeders do not work that way. The good breeders pick the puppy that works best for your family, and lifestyle.

    One of the best breeders here in Ontario is Esmond Rotts. You may want to e-mail Anne and ask if she can recommend someone in Ontario. My dogs breeder may be breeding sometime Eirian Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Rottweiler Puppies, Rottweiler Stud Dog, Rottweiler Information also Sunkozi Rottweilers is another one I can think of in Ontario.

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    Hope you find some good information with the help of the other.
    Stay Cool

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