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Thread: Breeder Recommendation 6 hours of Chicago

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    Breeder Recommendation 6 hours of Chicago

    My Rottweiler recently passed at 13 years old and we were devastated. He was fed a raw diet, and exercised every day. We would like to find a COE breeder who tests hips, elbows, eyes, heart and JLPP. We are looking for a higher energy male as we are a very active couple without children. We run, go hiking or some sort of aerobic outing each and everyday. Look forward to any suggestions. Thanks

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    So sorry that you lost your dog. 13 is a very good age to live to...and you must be happy to have had your pup for such a long time. I don't live in the US, but I do know of a good COE breeder in Illinois. My own dogs breeder (kennel name Eirian)...has bred her dogs to this breeder's dogs, and vice-versa.
    The breeder is Von Herrschend I would e-mail them, and inquire about their program. Many breeders are not breeding right now because of the virus. You could also ask the breeder if they could refer you to someone else if they have no plans for breeding right now.

    Let us know how it goes. It often takes awhile to find a well bred dog, but so worth it!

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