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Thread: Looking for a breeder in the North Carolina Area

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    Looking for a breeder in the North Carolina Area

    Would love any info/ suggestions on reputable breeders in the NC area.

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    Welcome to the forums! I don't live in your area, so cannot give you any help. I would start with going to the ARC www.amrottclub.org and see if you can find a state club in your area. I'm not sure there is one in NC? Try e-mailing the one in Georgia or Florida for some recommendations for breeders in NC.

    Also look up on the AKC website if there are going to be any dog shows coming up in the next while (some have started up again)...and go see some dogs. Make a note of the dogs you like and see if you can talk to the owner/handler after they have left the ring.

    I did a quick google search for breeders in NC, and there seem to be many BAD ones. You need to find a breeder that has OFA's for hips, elbows,heart and eyes...and all verified on the OFA website with their name or AKC # www.offa.org.

    You need to find a breeder that shows, or works their dogs in some sort of activity. Not just sitting around a kennel and making puppies.

    I saw one breeder that claimed OFA on their dogs...but did just hips and heart...elbow dysplasia can be worse than bad hips...and more expensive to fix. Being a heavy breed..good elbows are a must. If you find any breeder that you like post the kennel name here...and we can give you some advise.
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