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Thread: Higher Cal food?

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    Higher Cal food?

    Hi all,

    Just a thought I wanted to run by you here. My boy is about 14 months old and weighing about 96lbs. He is proportioned well and is nice and lean. I believe he is done growing as far as height goes, he'll just need to fill out some now. I've always fed him Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy. It's been a great food. He is healthy and his coat looks amazing, I get compliments on his shine all the time.

    My issue is that at this point, he needs a lot of this food. I give him a total of 6 cups per day (3 cups AM, 3 cups PM). The daily feeding recommendation is about 4 cups. I am considering switching him over to an adult food, but the Fromm Gold Adult equivalent has even fewer calories. 6 Cups a day is quite a bit I think, and with the adult food, I fear I'd have to feed him even more of it. He's quite active and gets a lot of exercise. One food I was considering switching him to is Orijen Tundra. It contains more calories per cup, and seems to be one of the best foods out there.

    Does anyone have any input? Will the Orijen also produce a healthy, shiny coat?


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    Hello! Sorry don't have any information about Orijen! Since my pup are young until now that they grow I never switch other brand again, before when I have a two puppy and later on they pass away I try any kind of food for them but didn't heard Orijen before! I stick to eukanuba and so far so good.
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    I think you're safe to switch him to an adult food now. Many breeders and vets don't even recommend a puppy food for large breed dogs to avoid growth issues when young.

    Orijen Dog Food | Review and Rating

    Looks like a great rating by dog food advisor...

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    Stay away from 'Large Breed' formulas...they are low in fat and therefore low in calories, which is the reason why you are feeding so much. If you want to continue feeding puppy formulas, then get the regular puppy, not large breed. ***Exception: Orijen Large Breed Puppy formula. Remember, fat in dog food is a good thing...they need it and process it differently than people do.

    I have switched my puppies over from puppy to adult food at around the 1 year mark. Orijen is an excellent food, and you will feed much less of it than you are Fromm (my guess would be about 4 cups/day, maybe less depending on activity levels). I fed the Orijen LB Puppy to my puppies for a while. It is an expensive food though. When I switched them to adult food recently, I went to Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural.

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    Ok, I just checked and the Fromm's you are feeding only has 389 cals per cup. I try to not feed anything unless it has a minimum of 400 cals per cup. That being said I have a staffy right now who is allergic to anything poultry/fowl based. Even if it's just the chicken fat they add. I started him on several various grain free fish based foods and he did awesome on them. I then tried a grained food and he is doing awesome on that as well. Next I am going to try another meat source. I went through every dang food on the chewy website. I was looking for 4-5 star foods, no fowl and higher cal count as this little monkey weighs 52lbs and needs right around 1700 cals a day to hold his weight.

    I didn't want to break the bank and I know there are great 5 star foods for very reasonable. I have always fed a rotation here...different brands, different meat sources my only requirements are it must be 4-5 stars and I want to be able to feed my two...both staffys...for around 3.50 a day.

    I would highly recommend you checking into the Canidae Grain Free Pure line. Their salmon has 496 cals per cup and is 5 star. Their boar is 454 cals per cup and is a 4 star. And their Bison has 474 cals per cup but I was surprised to see it only had a 3 1/2 star rating. Since I have been super happy with their GF line and I do feed a rotation I may toss a bag of the bison in as they'll only get it once per year.

    Pioneer Naturals makes a whitefish at 421 cals per cup and it's a 5 star. They have a pork at 427 cals per cup and it's 4 1/2 stars. A venison at 421 cals, 4 1/2 stars and a buffalo at 422 cals a 5 star.

    The earthborn holistic that mj mentioned...most of their meat sources run around 430 cals per cup and are 4 1/2-5 star rated.

    Great life has a salmon at 445 cals per cup and is 5 star.

    Canine Caviar's Open Meadow has 541 cals per cup and is a 4 star food.

    I intend to try all these with Opie...my little Tot has no issues with any meat source so if it doesn't agree with him she can finish the bag. Since a bag lasts me right around a month for these two it'll take me a while to try them all lol.

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