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Thread: Canned dog food

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    Canned dog food

    Does anyone know of the best and safest can dog food? Would like to use some as a topper on his dry food. Just worried as I have researched so many and there seems to be something wrong with all of them. Some recalls and toxic ingredients. Thank you in advance.

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    What dry food are you feeding you dog? Often the same company has canned food. They really don't need canned if they are eating a good quality, meat based kibble. Instead of giving canned as a topper for kibble, use some canned sardines (in water), or some plain full fat yogurt, or scramble an egg and throw it on top. I often get my slower cooker out, and throw in safe veggies that have seen better days in my fridge (carrots, green beans, broccoli, red peppers, potatoes,etc.) into the slow cooker along with some freezer burned chicken, or pork, or beef...and a bit of broth or water...and use that for a topper for 4-5 days refrigerated. They really don't need much.

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    I would never feed a dog canned food. There have been more folks on this site advocating natural or whole food diets. I’m one of those silly folks😚. Have you had success with canned food in the past?

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