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Thread: Photo upload vent

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    Photo upload vent

    This forum’s owners really don’t care about ease of use of this software - which I have often commented is the least friendly version of V-Bulletin’s software.

    I have been collecting fotos and also a video of Freyja to post for her upcoming third birthday.

    Not only will they not load because this software says they are too big, I also cannot reload fotos I have already posted because this software says those fotos are too big —- REALLY?!?!?

    Nothing has changed with the previous fotos - same size, same IPad.

    I keep saying this lousy 4.1.8 of V-Bulletin software is why there isn’t more traffic. Who wants to deal its crippling quirks when there are other, software friendlier, pet forums to go to ———ACK!!!

    Vent over, I’m going to the barn to let my horses blow in my ear and clean stalls ————

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    I understand your frustration. I don't even know how to post a picture...would have to ask my adult kids, or even my grandkids...hahahaha! I can post pictures on Facebook....and it really should be that easy. Contact Administration and see if you can vent. There seems to be people reading the forums here...they do not need to join to read the threads. Often it's just me checking in and 19 people reading.

    My frustration is people that join, and post a question...we take the time to reply....and we never hear back from the OP again....grrrrrrrrrr!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by big black dogs View Post

    My frustration is people that join, and post a question...we take the time to reply....and we never hear back from the OP again....grrrrrrrrrr!!!
    This seems to be a bad and frequent habit everywhere. I’ve seen it on a couple of horse forums and the City Data forum

    While many of these errant folks likely just don’t take the time to be polite and say thank you, I figure there are probably some who forget to check the “keep me logged in box”, forget their password, then can’t get back in.

    I thought about contacting the forum owners and I’m still thinking, lollol. The only way to make uploading fotos easy is to ditch this current software version of V-Bulletin and go to a better version.

    I doubt they will do that as some of these softwares are traffic dependent to keep forum owners from having to pay somebody. THAT is a Catch-22. The forum owners won’t see increased traffic if they don’t upgrade ——

    I do my best thinking when I’m at the barn, lollol. I figured out a different way to get my pictures posted but they won’t be posted here. I will have to link them from another forum, as long as that link doesn’t get bounced by this forum’s settings - if that makes sense.

    I can post my video as soon as I upload it to YouTube - I THINK, lollol. I doubt any of this will happen today. The farrier will be here this morning. She is a therapeutic farrier. If she doesn’t have to make new shoes, she still spends a good two hours on my foundered horse’s hooves, then has to trim the other horse. By the time I’m done brushing the horses (we are starting shedding season), clean the stalls, stand the horses for the farrier, I’m too wiped out to chew food, much less think. This gettin’ old business is for the birds, lollol
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