We took Agis (and the other two dogs) on a camping trip up north (for BBD, about an hour NW of Sudbury) from Thursday-Monday.

He did GREAT. We weren't sure how he'd behave in the tent, but he settled immediately and was SUCH a good boy. He liked the hikes, chewing sticks, just being outside all the time in the air. I've been doing short runs with him (he's topped at 50-51lbs at a year, has been since June - and since he was neutered so young (I'm guessing 11 weeks) we don't anticipate him to fill out - for dogs his size, you can start running at 12 months). We did a run in the campground and he had a blast.




https://www.instagram.com/p/CFI2CqOHFbF/ (you have to click across to see Toby and the dogs)