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Thread: Questions from a noobie ?(:

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    Red face Questions from a noobie ?(:

    So I've done nothing but research on end, but I always find conflicting info so I'm on here to ask real owners ! So I have a few questions if anyone would like to answer some, It would be greatly appreciated (:

    So I was wondering if I could have my dog sleep on my bed with me, but not feel I am less of a pack leader? I wouldn't let him on the bed unless I asked, and if he did it without permission I would make him get off and wouldn't let him on again till I asked a while later. Will that still show him I am leader and I am ALLOWING him into my space, or will he still consider me as weak?

    Also, is there anything else I could use than a crate to create a safe place for the dog? I would still crate train for vets and car rides, but for at home I would like if he had a nice sanctuary that we could fit a toy basket or something in, would a closet with one door open and one closed work? So then he feels it more like a den ?

    With socialization, I am a social person, but very introverted. I don't have kids, and I have no friends or family with children, how would I go about getting the dog used to children? Would socializing him to smaller animals help with that so he knows how to interact with small things ? haha

    I really enjoy training my own ways (Not saying I would hit the dog or something, but more I would like to pick and chose what words I use for commands, was tought different styles than what most trainers use), so is there any other way to socialize than an obedience class? I wouldn't trust a doggy daycare to be honest, I don't think I could leave my 2000 dollar puppy alone with strangers haha, I also wouldn't bring my dog to a dog park, not a lot of people properly train their dogs there and it's too dangerous for a puppy. If obedience classes are the best way to socialize I will certainly do it, I would just like alternatives so I have options, back up plans, or just additional things to do to socialize (the more the merrier !)

    What issues most arise with rotties that you owners notice a lot/how do you fix them? Behavior wise

    Last question, I swear ! How much should I feel my puppy through each stage (ei 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc). I DEFINITELY do not want to over feed a rottie, esp a rottie puppy. I could never find a good amount while looking online. I plan on getting a male through a good breeder, so he'll be a big boy (: I plan on doing a raw diet as well, with added veggies. So how many grams should I go with ? I've read they need more food through a certain period of their life, and then I've heard 3% of it's adult weight, but then to also feed 3% of it's adult weight as an adult, so that doesn't sound right.

    Thanks to anyone who reads or responds to this (:

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    First -please get rid the pack leader mentality and stop watching/listening to Cesar Millan. ONLY reason I watch him is to see if/when he'll get bitten and I can see that stuff coming a mile away. Sadly, he can't or chooses not to, and in the end, it's the dog (and owners wallets) that suffer.

    A crate is the safest place for a pup/dog that is overly curious. My two dogs are 8 & 9 years old and are crated when I'm not home. They don't get along, so that is one reason, but even if one was loose they'd find something to get into, even though my house has been 'puppy proofed' since 2002! As for the sleeping on the bed thing - whatever YOU feel is comfortable. My dogs have always been allowed on furniture, beds...BUT, if I need them to get off or move, then they will do so. Some dogs won't and thats where problems arise.

    COMMANDS: you can use whatever words you want! When I taught classes, I suggested certain words but also told students they could use whatever words they wanted. If you want to use the word "APPLE" for the command to SIT, then go for it

    Socializing to small animals won't help with kids. No dog parks, and classes are for so much more than socialization - they are for learning, and bonding with your dog. I never went to classes with the intent on socializing my dogs. Honestly, all of your questions can/should be answered by the breeder. NO DOG PARKS, NO DOGGIE DAYCARE (my personal opinion!). YOU need to be able to control who/what your dog is meeting. Small play groups with dogs and people you know are safest - at the hmes of people you know.

    Are you familiar with raw feeding? If not, I suggest you start researching NOW and ask questions of the breeder (if they feed raw) and read, read, read...I've made suggestions about books I've read on other threads. I've fed raw for 2 1/2 years and researched it for twice that - and I'm still learning. As for adding veggies - that's a personal choice, I don't add veggies.

    There are no specific behavior issues that arise with rotties (or any other breed) - but prevention is far easier than trying to stop it, so train, train and train some more and you'll have no issues!
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    Sheera would sleep with us on occasion, but she took up a lot of room and gave off a lot of heat!! Mostly she liked her bed at the foot of our bed. But if she was needy and wanted to sleep with us, we let her
    My mom loved to have Sheera sleep with her when she would come to visit. Mom lives in Houston and finds the Midwest to be too cold. THe 2 of them fit on a queen size bed just fine

    Rotties are very smart and enjoy learning new things. In fact, mental work will wear them out more thoroughly than a long walk or run! And when they're puppies, you have to regulate the physical activities so they don't hurt their joints with overwork.

    Here's a link to a website I enjoy that has a lot of good information about socialization and dog training and behavior in general:
    TheOtherEndoftheLeash – Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
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    you don't have to worry too much about being a pack leader. as long as you are certain and confidant around your dog, it will naturally pick up on your "leadership". if you make rules, whatever they may be, always stick to them. your rottie will test you at times just to make sure you are being consistent. when it comes to sleeping with a dog, everyone has different ideas. my dog is never allowed onto the bed or furniture. she never even tries, having never known the comfort of the human bed. she has a very comfortable crate, which i plushed out with extra mats.

    i like your idea of turning a partially opened closet into a crate, however, a real crate allows you to lock the dog in if you need to. i suppose you could with a closet as well, but the dog might feel isolated if he/she can't see out from somewhere.
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    I love sleeping with my pups!

    I always have, but my last 3 dogs were not allowed up on furniture. Only the bed BUT they also know/knew it was a privilege. As already stated by others, as long as your dog knows the pecking order you won't have any issues.
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