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Thread: kennel size for flight

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    kennel size for flight

    I will be picking up a 9 week old rottie puppy at the end of the month and flying back home with her ( 4hr domestic flight ) . Do you guys think a 24" Length x 17" Width x 19" Height Kennel would be large enough for a 9 week old rottie? I had this kennel from a previous pup and was going to use it if is suitable. If not, can you recommend an appropriate size?

    thank you

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    Congratulations on getting a puppy. I would ask the airline about what size is required. Are you thinking of bringing the pup under the seat? or packed as cargo on the plane?? I would also ask the breeder. The breeder will know what size one of their 9 week old pups will require for kennel size. A female pup will probably be less than 20 lbs at 9 weeks of age. Good luck with your pup.!!
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