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Thread: Thoughts?

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    WE sadly lost our girl Sadie to bone cancer earlier this year She and her littermate Dozer have been togrether For almost 8 years and Dozer is clearly missing her. HE is very needy and gets upset when we leave him home alone. WE think he needs new friend, Dozer is 8 years old tomorrow and weighs 150lbs (not fat) he is Big and spoiled. We are thinking we should get a female adult dog we don't want to deal with anotheR puppy. Anyone else have some experience?

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    I think it's a good idea, if you can find the right adult female dog. Usually females kinda take over, and he may be put in his place. I went from 2,Rottweilers with a 5 year age difference down to one. It was kind of nice to just have one to spoil. She soon became used to being alone...though I think she would have liked to have another dog around. We lost her this summer...and now for the first time in years we are without a dog.

    It's very hard to find an adult dog at this time with covid. I'm like you, we do not want to start with a puppy anymore. We are also downsizing breeds...we just can't handle a 100 + lb breed anymore in our old age. I do regret that we did not look to add another dog before covid hit...but I also worried even a younger adult dog would be a bit much for a 11 year old dog.

    I'm sorry you lost Sadie...they never live long enough. See what is out there, and if the right dog comes along...go for it.
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