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Thread: 1st time Rotti owner with a couple questions:

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    1st time Rotti owner with a couple questions:

    Hey all,
    I just found this page and Im really excited there is a place for questions and feedback! I have been a vet tech for over a decade, a dog owner, and worked with rescue dogs, but I am new to actually owning a Rotti! (My last dog was a rescue boston terrier I had for 15 years- so this is definitely a different experience!) I have always been a big dog person and excited to have "Hulk"- hes 9 months and 102#- but I do have some questions.
    1. Anyone deal with Marking? When did it start/stop? Did you neuter? Did it help?
    2. How big did your rotti get weight wise? (Just curious =)
    3. Dealing with destructive tendencies- what else helps besides exercise? We walk/run about 3 miles a day broken into 2 walks and go to the dog park once or twice a week- and he actively looks for things to destroy. Yesterday he dug up and chewed through the wiring that powers my garage in about 3 minutes when we got back from a run while i was outside with him. (No idea how he didnt get electrocuted) Hes chewed the walls, chairs, carpeting on the stairs etc. Im home all day so it shouldnt be an anxiety thing- he's not crated, hes usually wherever around me or around the house/kids, hes no longer loosing puppy teeth as far as I can tell, hes got hard bones and toys around and gets a new chew every few days. Like, what the heck pup. Ideas?
    Thanks all! Looking forward to learning from this group. = )

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    I don't have a PB Rottie, so can't speak to size - but, marking:

    Agis was neutered at I'm guessing around 11 weeks (we adopted him at 13.5 weeks and his scar was pretty well healed). He marks (but is all weird about it, so if he goes in at the wrong angle, gives up entirely).

    Neb we neutered at 18 mos (he's not a Rottie though) and he still marks, always has.

    Re: destructive tendencies - what do you do for training? Obedience training sessions can help with taking the energy down a peg or two.

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    Welcome to the forums!! Rottweilers sure are different....way more work and training needed then you would for a smaller breed.
    As far as marking. Do you mean he is marking inside of your house?? That's probably a combination of needs more training, and more confinement. He should NOT be marking in your house. Neutering will help, because the testosterone levels will come down...but try to wait until he is at least minimum 12 months, and 18 months even better to neuter. He needs those hormones to develop properly, so he does not develop hip, and cruciate problems later on.

    It sounds to me that he has way too much freedom...if he is peeing in your home and chewing up your stuff. Start crating him...when he cannot be watched, close off room that you do not want him to get into . He may be large...but he is still very much a pup...and you have another couple of years before you can relax and let him wander around the house unsupervised.

    He needs exercise...but I would not be running him for miles in forced exercise. Large breeds growth plates don't close till about 18 months of age...and forced exercise (running on leash) is bad. Can you teach him to retrieve a ball? Play a game of tug (with commands to stop and start)? The dog park is not going to be a good place for him in the next few months. Most Rottweilers when they reach sexual maturity start getting aggressive with same sex, and certain breeds. He may not start the fight, but will be the first one blamed.

    Tiring them out using their brains works just as good as an hour long walk. Start teaching him to track, or simple agility commands, obedience work, new tricks. I would also get signed up for an obedience class...a great way to bond and for him to learn how to work with distractions.

    As far as how big he will get? It depends on his pedigree. How big were his sire and dam? Rottweilers are not a giant breed...make sure he grows slowly. So much better for their joints and ligaments.
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