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Thread: A simple question

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    A simple question


    Nala seems to be steadily biting her way through our garden....potted and planted doesnt seem to bother her....its not through boredom as she has plenty of toys bones and us with her.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hahahahaha!! Not so simple. You just have to redirect her. She's a pup, that needs more supervision. If you are out with her in the garden...start teaching the command "leave it"....you may have to keep her on a long line. Give a little pop on the long line...if you see her going for some garden item...then the command "leave it"...real her in with the line if she does not come back to you, or stop chewing/digging...then praise. She just needs more training...it will get better.

    Also if she is looking for trouble in the garden...start doing some obedience commands with her....quick commands of "sit/down/stand/sit " etc. Like puppy push-ups!
    Try not to leave anything that she can get into or chew...like empty flower pots, or garden tools, etc. Set her up to win.
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