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    I'm picking up my new Rottie puppy in 2 weeks. She is replacing my beautiful Bailey who passed at 11 yr old. I have a 3 yr old male Rottie, Hank. Hank misses Bailey and will make a great companion for Dixie. Will I have any problems with Dixie being 8 weeks old ? Do I need to keep Hank away? He's is good with the 8 lb chihuahua my daughter has. She has moved back home and everything is cool with the dogs. Bailey sort of ruled the roost before she died, but there was nothing but playing. Hank is good with all dogs at dog park. Although he does tackle the big dogs he chases and causes some worry with those dog's owners. But he never goes to another level and will be submissive if the other dogs go to the next level.

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    Congratulations on your new pup!! Because of the size difference, you will need to be cautious at the beginning. You should be crating the new pup, for easier house training, and to give Hank a break during the day. Keep meetings at the beginning short and sweet. Don't let the pup bug Hank....and give him special one-on-one time while the pup naps in her crate. Gradually let them spend more time together...and eventually they will be best buds.
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