None of these things smell to me, so I assume Toby's (my husband) thinks they do because of puppy breath. Should start getting Agis used to a toothbrush!

Agis, who has started biting (squee!), was sitting with Toby and started mouthing him.

Toby: No. Agis, no. No.

Me: Don't just tell him no, redirect him

Toby: I don't have anything

Me: hands Toby a Kong ring

Toby: gives it to Agis

Toby: Not this one! It smells like pee!

Me: It does not

Toby: Something else

Me: hands Toby a tug

Toby: NOT THAT! That smells like poop!

Me: He never pooped on that! You said that, but I've smelled the whole thing and it doesn't!

Toby: Something else! It does!

Me, looking around: Fine. Uh...

Me: picks up stuffed rabbit

Me: Here. hahahaha

Me: Hahaha, Agis hahahaha, Agis hahahaha, he hahahaha, HE POOPED ON IT BUT I WASHED IT HAHAHAHAHAHA

Toby, taking rabbit: Honestly