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Thread: Jumping and biting

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    Jumping and biting

    Hello everyone - first post here, but I've been reading/lurking this forum for a while Thanks for so many great tips, it has certainly made raising my girl (of 16-months) easier.

    I am experiencing a dilemma though - my girl has developed a habit of jumping on people (myself/family included) and often would get mouthy with us - which we have been trying to rectify (ie. firmly telling her no, stopping all activities/ignoring her, rewarding her when she does the right thing etc). Things started to gradually improve, much to our relief, but after going on a trip for a few weeks, I have returned to find that she has regressed - not only is she jumping more, she is becoming very mouthy and in some cases, biting down hard (no piercing of skin, but sometimes causing bruising) - a big no no and raises some major red flags. She lives with me and my family.

    Most of the time when this happens is not surprisingly, when she is excited, so we try to let her calm down and not further excite her, but sometimes - she would just start jumping + biting seemingly unprovoked (?), i.e. when I'm just walking with her in the garden, going about my own business, or after she has taken a toilet break outside. Apart from this, she is otherwise pretty well-behaved, we allocate ample play time with her and exercise her daily (walking + jogging).

    PS. I find that she also gets excitable when we put her leash on (to go out for a walk) and would try to get mouthy too. Usually in this case I would firmly tell her No, she would stop and lick me, but still visibly excited. I would then leave the leash on and walk away to do something else. I would return and take her out only after she has calmed down.

    Any feedback/suggestions on this matter would be much appreciated.
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    Partly this is due to her age (teenager's!) And you seem to be handling it well. Sounds like she needs more exercise too. Mental stimulation is really helpful. I just read a post in another dog blog about scent training, maybe this can give you some ideas...

    The Canine Kingdom of Scent, Tootsie Style

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    I looked through the site sheera's mom gave and it's really helpful and interesting.
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