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Thread: To neuter or not

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    To neuter or not

    I have a 5 year old male who is a really good boy. I don't have any complaints temperment wise. My only issue is that he's started marking in the house. This started a month or so ago. When I'm not home I keep him in a confined area that is big enough for his bed, food and water dish along with room for him to lay on the floor if he doesn't want to use the bed. This worked for a little while but now I can't let him out and about unless I can watch him like a hawk. Today, I came home and found he had marked on his bed. He just went to the vet and had a checkup with bloodwork a couple of months ago. He gets let out and walked plenty during the day and also knows how to ask if he needs to go.
    Will getting him neutered solve the marking? I don't plan to breed or show him. I had planned to compete in protection work with him but I've decided to go a different route. My only worry is that getting him neutered will cause issues with his temperament. I've heard it could make some dogs more fearful. Is there something I can do to curb the marking? Things are hectic. I'm going through a divorce but still in the same house for now. I'm also pregnant and due in a couple of weeks but don't know if dogs really know this kind of stuff. This is my second and he didn't mark with my first so I don't know if that's related or not. I'm incredibly stressed because of the divorce but things aren't volatile at home.

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