Hmm... coincidentally our Fiona hates loud cars, trucks and despises UPS trucks... seriously... if she's in the back seat and we roll up to a stoplight where a UPS truck is waiting (not even moving), she will go nuts. Yes, she began her history with us with lunges at loud trucks when walking, but has gotten better. What has worked for her best is distraction when you know something she hates is coming closer and when she is paying attention to you or your husband and the nasty truck goes by she begins to get desensitized to it. I also have punished her for the misbehaving, but the distraction has worked the best.

Now, Fiona started out with more respect for my husband than me... and it's probably something to do with her previous experiences, but she is my dog (with me in my office during the day) and with me more and the respect came eventually anyway... and when she is bugged she has snapped a bit... air snapped as a warning I guess... we have worked through the worst of it... she will hang with me more than with Tom, so she acknowledges me... Tom is the cookie provider and occasional rubs, I walk her, feed her, love on her etc. and she's with me more with attention throughout the day, so I think this has made her gravitate more towards me over time. However, I feel she was more of a man's dog when we got her, for what it's worth.

Now, this is something I do with new dogs (we only adopt)-- I get background info on them. I contact a pet communicator and perhaps that could help you... or at least give you some further background on her. I always do this with new dogs through the years - Bea Lydecker, who has been doing it for decades and I swear by her abilities... in fact I contacted her about Fiona... I have a story about her that I would email you about my experience with the pet communicator on my first drive home with Fiona that is crazy... I wouldn't put it up on the board though....because I'm protecting her (Fiona). You can email me at [email protected] and I'd tell it to you and give you Bea's number. You only learn basic stuff, but Bea helped me with Fiona's rough edges.... and maybe she could help you.