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Thread: Sudden Agression

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    Sudden Agression

    hi, we have two Rottweiler males (intact), 5 years old and 3 years old, they have rarely fought until recently, we have now got a Rottweiler/GSD cross puppy (6 months), and in the last few weeks the older boy has started randomly being agressive towards the 3 year old, but never the puppy.
    It can happen at any time and has us on our guard as all of a sudden they can start fighting, I appreciate it probably sounds worse than it is, but would appreciate any advice.


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    Welcome to the forum! Adding the puppy changed the dynamics of your 'pack'. Things may never be the same again. Rottweilers can be same sex aggressive, and you have two intact males that are close in age. This spells trouble as it is...and now you have added a puppy.

    Is it possible to rehome the pup? Are you prepared to live in a crate and rotate home? You may just have to keep the two males separated forever. The more chances they get to fight....the more they will fight. I would really step up their obedience training. You tell them to jump...and they ask "how high?"

    With obedience training, you may be able to get them to change their minds about fighting as soon as you see a subtle change in behavior. The stare, the stiffing up, etc....all things that you have to really look for in body language. One dog blocking a doorway, the other wanting to walk by, one dog pushing toward you to be petted first,etc. I would implement NILIF for all 3 dogs, and see how things go....just be constantly on the look out for trouble brewing.

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