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Thread: Something terrible happened

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    Something terrible happened

    Hi there,

    I've had my Rott 3 years and she's been extremely good natured for that time. She's good with people and animals. Well socialised. She's never acted out or anything like that; and very rarely gets into any kind of trouble.

    My mom has emotional troubles. 90% of the time she's fine, but one minute she can be ok and the next, she'll start screaming, shouting and swearing at the slightest thing. She's always managed to get on really well with our Rott though.

    Something terrible happened last night. My Rott evidently stepped in some dog poo in the garden (first time for this) and brought it in. This triggered my mum who started screaming and running after the Rott. I tried to tell her to stop. She cornered the dog and tried to clean the paw. The dog warned her 3 or 4 times and then bit my mom's hand. Two small punctures later and an ER visit; my mom gets a Tetanus shot.

    I know my mom needs to work on this. I'm scared her relationship with the dog is ruined. Is everything going to be ok?

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    I'm so sorry this has happened. Your mom is going to have to work on things with your dog. She must learn that she should NOT corner the dog, and that screaming is not how she should handle the dog. The dog warned her, and your mom did not listen. I think it's going to take some time, and work. Can you get a trainer into the house to do a private few sessions. It's your mom that needs to change...without's not going to be good.

    If your mom does not trust the dog, and your mother continues to have mental problems...then rehoming the dog is the only fair thing to do.
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    I agree with BBD. Your mom has to learn that scaring a dog, any dog, up close and personal has consequences, no matter what her emotional state is. Most dogs are funny about having their paws grabbed too. My female Rott hates it, while the male Rott puts up with it pretty well. Many of my Rotts were touchy with having their paws played with anyway. Then to have to deal with a screaming human on top of that, it was probably a frightening experience for your dog. I'm sorry it happened,

    I hope the two of them can get past it. I think they can if they take it slow and your mom doesn't make sudden moves around the dog or screams around her. If and when your mom has an episode, it would be wise to take the dog for a walk. I would hate to suggest rehoming the dog. If they got along before this incident, I would think they should be able to go back to a copacetic relationship. Rotties are resilient and do not necessarily hold grudges. Your dog may be more wary around your mom, but I think as long as your mom doesn't pitch another fit directly AT your dog, your dog should be able to get over it.

    How does your mom feel about the episode? Did she realize she was to blame for getting bit?

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