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Thread: Afraid of Barking Dogs

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    Afraid of Barking Dogs


    Astrid is 18 weeks old and we have added short daily walks into her schedule around our neighborhood. She's been doing great with meeting people and dogs of all sizes and ages and loves to sniff anything and everything. The only issue at this point is when a dog is barking at her, it really unnerves her. Her ears slick back, she tucks her tail between her legs, and spins around trying to find someplace to go.

    The house three doors down from us is right beside the walking trail and they have three unruly dogs. This afternoon we were going to walk to the trail but I couldn't get her past that house. All three dogs were inside the house but were barking like crazy and scratching at the windows. She went into full retreat. I tried to lure her with treats and coax her, but nothing. She was pulling as hard as she could to go in the opposite direction, back towards our house.

    So my question is: Do you think this is something that will work itself out as she matures and gains more self-confidence, or is this something that I should be addressing with training?


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    She's a puppy. This is what pups do to stay alive, and survive. She will mature, and build confidence...and eventually she will ignore barking dogs. The best thing you can do is keep socializing her, train with her and build up her confidence.

    Have you just started taking her out on walks? Where has she been exercising and exploring before that?? Has she been going to classes, and exposed to things?
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