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Thread: General advice or thoughts please

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    General advice or thoughts please

    Ok, so Nacho is now 11mths and 39kg and just had his neutering operation a week ago and stitches come out next Thursday. He's doing great so I took him on a longer walk than usual today as its been 7 days and he's had no complications. He's been barking every night since as I have had him locked in his kennel and confined to his pen, on reduced walks due to the op and our weather has been extremely windy and he hates the wind. My sisters kids sleep at the back of the house so him barking means they can hear him and I am getting nothing but grief about Nacho.
    I am the only one who interacts with him and yet I get told he disrespects the kids as he's so rowdy with them but my point is that though the dog is outside looking in the window at them, they don't bother going near him. I would say its been a month since they have seen him physically and he's literally outside in the back garden! Im getting told to sell him, that he's bold and takes up all my time and money and he's pointless and thick. Im really hurt by the comments as I am doing my best with him and to me he's a lovely social little fella who is still a puppy. My neighbours who I used talk to have since stopped because they don't like his breed and when she was a kid her uncles Rottie had her up against the wall and she's like 70 now and have never once met him in 8mths but talk bad about him.
    The comments and stress make me want to get rid of him to shut everyone up but my heart knows that without him and taking him out for walks I would be locked up or insane. He's usually a quiet dog at night but for when he's locked in or its windy out. With winter coming he will be locked in more as the rain will be more frequent. And please don't bother saying, why is he outside? He should be inside stuff cos that's not how it is here ok? He's outside in a lovely warm kennel , sheltered and with his pen to go in when he pleases. All our dogs are outside dogs and have lived quite happily out. He gets his walks and attention from me so please don't.

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    This may be something you don't want to hear...but you need to do what is best for Nacho. I think re-homing him to a home where he can live inside, with a family would be best. It sounds like you have a busy household, where the dog is not allowed to be with his family. Rottweilers are a guardian breed....their job is to protect their family, and home. He may be warm, and his physical needs are taken care of....but he does not have a family to take care of.

    This is why Rottweilers that live in backyards and garages often start getting annoying with barking...and protecting their backyard, or garage,etc. They have nothing else to do...and those are often the dogs, that start getting so protective that they bite.
    Rottweilers and most dogs (unless they are livestock guardians).....need to live in a home with their families. Just because your other dogs lived outside, does not mean that in this day and age they should. No one neutered or spayed their dogs either, and let them run loose all over the neighborhood. This is not done anymore. Things change.

    See if you can find a rescue in your area to rehome him, where he can be happy and live a full life.
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