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I have been looking into some of the sticky threads here in the training/behavior forum and I found a excellent thread posted by Barb and she mentions training your puupies from 3days-8weeks

Excerpt from Barbs post...

Every day of every week of a pup's early life is critical in the pup's mental development. Certain character traits are acquired (or reinforced) at very specific stages of development. For example, from day 3 of life until the eyes are fully open, it is possible to do some simple exercises with pups that enhance early neural development; pups which are stimulated through these exercises have been shown to mature into dogs which are more poised, steady-tempered, less barky, and develop fewer nervous habits than pups who didn't get the benefit of these exercises. It's amazing what an incredible impact just 10 days of puppyhood can have on a dog, for the rest of its life. When pups are provided with the correct environment, stimulation, and socialization for their age of development, they mature into confident, poised, steady, well-balanced dogs.

I was wondering if this could be expanded upon or explained what these exercises would be? Maybe someone can point me in the direction of another thread that may cover this?

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