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Thread: Possible colitis

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    Lightbulb Possible colitis

    Hi All,

    I was hoping someone out there can offer some suggestions or thoughts. Our girl pooped blood around six months ago and we took her to the vet. They weren't sure what was wrong, gave us two antibiotics (one was clavamox) and fluids and she was better after it. We also had her blood tested and they said there was fat it in. We tested her for pancreatitis and she does not have that. At the time she pooped blood she also threw up and didn't want to eat.

    Then a few months later it happened again. We took her to the ER as our vet was closed. Again they prescribed antibiotics , gave her fluids and again she was better.

    Well this has happened at least six times in the past six months. We put her on antibiotics, she comes off and then she's sick again. We had her blood tested several times and everything seems fine, had her poop tested for whipworms etc and again all negative. We fed her rice and chicken, rice and chicken broth and even though we have done this she poops out rice and tonight pooped out blood and mucous. She would not eat dinner tonight.

    We are calling the vet tomorrow and our next course of action is a colonoscopy. The blood is red so it's coming from her large intestine. We bought low fat dog food (10%) since we though maybe she couldn't digest her food. We bought digestive enzymes and probiotics. Still the same result. I fear she may have cancer but my husband says to stop crying until we find out what's wrong. She will be only 4 in October. She is the best dog ever.

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    Sorry don't have any advise or experience with this. She will be in my thoughts and I hope the vet will have some answers tomorrow. I am sorry this is happening.

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    I don't have any experience with this kind of disease. But I'll ask for my vet why would this happened and I send a message to you If I figure it out. I hope she will get better soon. I Pray for her.
    Stay Cool

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    Hope all is well. Praying for you...
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