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Thread: Looking for recommendation on a supplement for possible arthritis

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    Looking for recommendation on a supplement for possible arthritis

    Asking about my almost 9 year old girl, Xena.
    After light activity, she is very stiff. Once she's up and walking around, she is better.
    Looking for recommendations on an over the counter supplement that has given good results.

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    At 9 years of age, it is most likely that Xena does have some arthritis. I have used Cosequin w/MSM , and I think it did a good job of keeping Baxter moving well.
    You want to take a look at this link (sorry for the advertising) : https://topdogtips.com/best-dog-arthritis-supplements/

    If Xena is a dog that will eat anything that falls into her food bowl (like most of my Rottweilers were)...you could get human arthritis supplements. I would start with Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM combo sold at any pharmacy, and some wild salmon oil capsules. If you give fish oil, you need to supplement with vitamin e (400 IU) a couple of times per week.

    Most of the arthritis supplements have the same ingredients as the human stuff...only they make it beef or chicken flavored so the dog will eat it.
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    Whether supplements actually work is a matter of controversy - in humans, I believe they're effective about 50% of the time.

    Not over the counter, but we have a cat with severe elbow arthritis in both elbows, and we give her cartrophen shots (NOT to be confused with carprofen, which is a NSAID). Cartrophen is rebuilding the parts of the joint affected by arthritis. We gave him shots 2x/week for the first month, now it's monthly shots. It's not cheap, but after the first month you use infrequently. Timothy has lost his limp and is quite mobile again.

    Oh and we also give fish oil.

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