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    I hope everyone is well! I am sending a quick note to gather thoughts on the proper age to spay my female Rottie. Our vet indicates 6 months or so is the proper age due to prevention of cancer. I recall hearing that around 1.5 years might be best. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    6 months is what they used to recommend for a spay, but things have changed. Vets push early spay because they see unwanted pregnancies, and shelters full...and want to curb overpopulation. If you are an educated owner, that can control your female while in heat, and make sure you keep her safe from other dogs, then it is best to let her go through one or two heats before spaying her.

    Large breeds need the hormones to grow and develop, it will help protect her from developing bone and ligament problems, and may help protect her from cancer. The only thing allowing them to go through a few heats may cause is a higher incidence of mammary tumors later on in life. Those often develop in females that are not spayed for years.

    Do a google search on "early spay in large breed dogs". Lots of info.

    I would recommend you wait till about 18 months, or 2 heats...whatever comes first. You usually need to wait a month or two after their heat to spay. Going through heats is not can be a bit messy, and you need to stay close to home...but worth it for the health of your dog.
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    I've only had one female dog and she came spayed.

    But with the dog that I had control over when he was neutered (Neb; I signed something saying I would neuter him at 6 months, but the rescue promised me he'd be kept with his mother until 8 weeks, and when he was 6 weeks, called me and said they'd adopted out the mother, and brought in another litter and didn't have time for him so to come and get him - I figured they broke their promise, so I had no issues breaking mine) - we neutered Neb at 18 months. His physique is totally different than the others, because he matured with his hormones.

    I believe it's the same thing with spaying. With that, I do know some German Shepherd people who didn't spay their dogs, who are now 9, and the owners are worried about pyometra, so are thinking of spaying, but it's a surgery for an older dog. If you spay when BBD suggests, that shouldn't be an issue.

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