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Thread: Spaying

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    Hi. I’ve been reading online that you dog can go into heat at 6 mons. I wanted to wait until 18 mons but have her signed up for Off Leash Training 1/20/21 she will be 6 mon plus 2 wks. Am I taking a chance by sending her there or should I waited until first heat is over? Or get her to the vet and fix her? What experience do Rottweiler owners have with this issue?

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    Welcome to the forums! I'm not sure I'm understanding your question?? This Off Leash Training is done with you in a class setting? or are you sending her away for this training?? Most Rottweilers do not come into heat that early. Usually around 8-9 months of age. You can ask your breeder when your pups dam came into heat. Most often they follow their dams. Some Rottweilers are even older 11-14 months for the first heat.

    I would NOT be sending a young pup to away training. The best training is done with you and your pup in a class setting. She's far too young to be trained well off leash. That takes a few years to be consistent and steady. Is an e-collar going to be used?? Even hunting dogs are not well trained to recall for a few years.

    For her health and to grow to maturity allow her to go through at least 1 or 2 heats and then spay her.
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