10 Fun Facts about Rottweilers

The Rottweilers appearance may be intimidating to others but dog owners know that their loyal, sweet dog that has a fun sense of humor is just protecting their family. They are great companions to owners who adore them. While Rottweilers are vigilant, alert and have the capability to make an excellent guard dog or family dog, there are other fun facts about them that everyone should know.

1- They Have Strong Jaws – Rottweilers are famous in the canine world for their impressive bite force and strong jaws.

2-They Think They are Lap Dogs – Although Rottweilers are quite large as adults, they still enjoy being lap dogs with their owner and family.

3- They Exhibit Clownish Behavior – Rottweilers may look serious and intimidating to strangers but they actually have a goofy side to them and are very entertaining to their family due to their comical antics.

4- They Enjoy Working – Rottweilers are highly trainable and are capable of performing a variety of tasks. They often work as tracking, rescue, therapy and service dogs for police, military and hospitals.

5- They Slobber – Rottweilers tend to slobber as much as bulldogs. They often slobber the most before and after meals.

6- They Have German Origins – The Rottweiler dog breed was developed in Germany to guard and protect their owners and property. They also were commonly used as herding dogs.

7- They Gain Weight – Rottweilers love to eat and they are prone to easily gaining weight. Some Rottweilers can weigh as much as 180 pounds or more. Dog owners have to keep a close eye on their dog’s weight in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

8- They are Affectionate – Rottweilers love to show their owners and their family affection. They show affection frequently and happily.

9- They Are Vigorous from a Young Age – Rottweiler puppies weigh about 1.3 pounds at birth. It takes them up to two years to grow into an adult sized Rottweiler.

10- They Have a Stubborn Streak – They can be stubborn at times throughout their lifetime. A strong steady tempered owner is best suited to keep the Rottweiler in line when their stubbornness gets the best of them.

Owning a Rottweiler can be a rewarding experience. Due to the size of the dog and the need for an experienced owner, they are not recommended for first time dog owners. Surprisingly many people find that this strong dog is capable of showing a variety of emotions ranging from loyal, friendly and funny to protective.

If you are interested in owning a Rottweiler keep in mind that training is essential from the very beginning. This will immediately show the dog that he or she is not the alpha in the pack. This position needs to be held by the dog owner at all times. Proper training will result in a well behaved dog that provides happiness, laughter and companionship to families. They are also a joy to work with as therapy and emotional healing dogs. Rottweilers may have a bad rap, but it is only because they are misunderstood.

Photo credit: Siri Tidemann-Andersen/Flickr