7 Ways to Help Your Rottweiler Live a Longer Life

Once your Rottweiler is a part of your family, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. While there's no one surefire way of extending your dog's life, there are some things that you can try that will help keep your dog healthy, happy and safe. The healthier your dog is, the more likely he is to live a long life by your side.

A Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet for your Rottweiler is essential. Some commercial brands of dog food are far too high in fat, salt, sugar and other nasties, and will only be detrimental to you pup's health in the long run. Look out for brands that have been certified suitable for human consumption. That's not to say that you should be chowing down on Fido's dinner, but if it's unsafe for a human to eat, why is it okay for your dog to eat? Also look out for supplements that can improve your dog's health, such as garlic, omega-3 fatty acids and doggy multivitamins.

Spay or Neuter

Spaying or neutering your rotty could help avoid some common ailments. A neutered male is unable to get testicular cancer and is unlikely to get prostate problems. Spay your female and she will be unable to get pyometra – a potentially fatal infection of the uterus – and less likely to suffer from mammary cancer, which is common in unspayed female dogs.

Attend Vet Check-Ups

Regular vet check-up are important for your Rottweiler's health. Attending a yearly check-up will allow you to keep your dog's shots up to date, thus protecting against certain diseases, and could also mean catching an illness or ailment early, before it has the chance to get serious.

Exercise and Avoiding Obesity

Regular exercise is important for your dog's mental and physical health. Exercise helps keep your rotty's heart strong and healthy and improves his general fitness levels and well being. It will also help him to avoid becoming overweight. Obesity is a serious issue in Rottweilers. They're heavy dogs as it is, and carrying extra weight can put undue stress on their joints, leading to problems like hip dysplasia, arthritis and other joint problems.

Proper Dental Care

Not only could improper dental care lead to discomfort for your dog, it could cause premature death in some cases. When a dog suffers from gum disease, bacteria can leak out into his bloodstream and cause damage to his organs, including his heart and brain. This damage can be fatal in certain cases. You should brush your Rottweiler's teeth regularly – ideally every day – using a specialist dog toothpaste. Also have his teeth looked at by a vet at his annual check-up and professionally scaled, if necessary.

Train Your Dog Well

Proper obedience training could avoid your dog getting injured or killed in an accident. Ensure that he knows how to come when called, and also teach other basic commands, such as “sit,” “lie,” and “stay.”

Limit Stress and Alone Time

Dogs who have stressful lives may have shorter lifespans than those living in a calmer situation.Try to avoid potential sources of stress, such as bullying, confinement, boredom, excessive noise or bullying. Dogs who spend too much time alone can also get stressed or unhappy. If you can't be at home with your rotty for the majority of the day, you should consider getting him a canine companion.  

Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay