Best Collars For Rottweilers

While the first thing some people think of when they think of Rottweiler is a ferocious guard dog daring you to come near, they couldn't be further from the truth! Yes, Rotties are strong, protective dogs who will guard their people with their lives. But, they're gentle giants…typically very gentle with children in the family, loving and loyal.

But, that gentle giant-ness comes with some difficulty sometimes finding the best products. When looking for the best products for Rottweilers, you'll often have to go beyond the 'large' or even 'XL' sizes simply because these pups carry massive girth with them. Yes, they may think they're the size of a teacup Poodle when they come plopping themselves in your lap for a cuddle, but their neck says otherwise, and you want to make sure you have a safe, comfortable fit.

Beastia Maximus Leather Collar

Rottie parents love leather collars for their dogs because they're comfy, sturdy, and often easy to find in larger sizes that will fit their babies. This 100% leather collar is handmade in Europe and will be a fashion statement for any Rottweiler parading it around. And, they'll be comfy with the leather cushion lining.

Tuberk Tactical Adjustable Collar

As your Rottie may need a larger than standard collar, we like that the Tuberk Tactical collar is adjustable to give your Rottweiler the best fit. It's made with premium nylon that's durable and the buckle is a premium metal that can take whatever your Rottie can throw at it. It has a dual-layer of protection for comfort on your dog's neck too, and you can even Velcro accessories on the side panel if you like.

Bully's Large Nylon

Don't let the name fool you…these are not just for Pitties—they're for all those large and lovable dogs who need a little something extra around their necks! This Bully's collar is super strong and durable, but soft for your Rottweiler's is made with tactical grade materials that are lightweight. The stainless steel hardware won't rust or get hot for your dog, and it's machine washable and adjustable.

Black Rhino

Because many Labradoodle parents are taking their Doodles out into the hunting fields, another popular collar for Labradoodles is the Black Rhino Collar. It's definitely heavy-duty, but it's also lightweight for your Doodle's comfort. Additionally, the Black Rhino collar has a soft padded inside liner for extra enjoyment.

Studded Leather Dog Collar

Some Rottie parents want that classic studded leather look, and it can be hard to find in a collar that the spikes/studs won't come off and put your dog at risk. This leather collar has three lines of studs and Rottweiler parents rave that their dogs love looking so 'Ruff,' in it. It's soft and lightweight leather and it's handmade for quality and durability.

MightyPaw Neoprene Padded Collar

MightyPaw is another tough collar made with neoprene material. The reflective stitching sewn in will help make it easier to see your Rottie in low-lights and it has an adjustable and comfortable fit.

Padded Leather Collar

This strong and heavy-duty leather collar features a nickel-plated buckle with a heavy-duty D-Ring. The edges are trimmed with thick waxed thread for durability and the cotton padding makes it comfy on your Rottie's neck. It's adjustable with five extra holes.

Link AKC GPS Smart Collar

The Link AKC GPS Smart collar is something a lot of Rottie parents find peace of mind in should their dogs get off-leash or run off. There's nothing like not knowing where your furbaby is, and this collar uses AT & T's network (with a small monthly fee starting at $6.95) to let you know where your dog is at any given second. It also has a remote LED light in case your Rottweiler is missing in the dark, and it can give you health and wellness info about your dog from just about anywhere you can check in. The leather collar is padded and comfy on her neck too.

Kruz Breathable Mesh Collar

This mesh padded collar is adjustable with a tri-glide system for a perfect fit. It's soft and lightweight on your Rottweiler's neck. It also has a side release for easy on and off, and the air mesh is breathable to keep it cool and ventilated on his neck.

Hot Dog Personalized Collar

This personalized collar will certainly make your Rottweiler's important information easy to find. The heavy-duty construction uses triple-riveted latigo leather in two layers that are durably stitched and it has a solid stainless D-Ring for a sturdy connection. The tag is attached with strong, immovable rivets, and it carries a lifetime guarantee on the engraving.