Can I Keep a Rottweiler in my City Apartment?

Regular exercise and activity are very important factors which contribute to the overall comfort, health and happiness of your Rottweiler.  By nature, your Rottweiler is a working dog. Its forefathers were active in the fields pursuing game and romping in the open fields.  If you keep your Rottweiler locked in and alone all day, that will pave a way where it can develop undesirable traits and habits which can make it difficult to deal with in the long run.  Your Rottweiler hungers for the great outdoors and these pangs can only be satisfied when it is able to engage in daily activities.

When your Rottweiler is still young, it needs daily exercises for many important reasons.

  1.  In order to keep your Rottweiler at its desirable body weight, it needs regular exercise. 
  2. Daily exercise will prevent the development of undesirable behavior including digging and chewing and other destructive behavior.
  3. A well-exercised Rottweiler possesses a good temperament.

The luxury of having a fenced in large yard is often rare especially in the city.  It provides enough space for Rottweiler puppies or a young Rottweiler to run and play.  A Rottweiler needs to be walked twice a day aside from the time that you have set for play. This is a very important aspect that should be given prime attention especially when you are still in the process of developing its socialization. The time you spend together during your walks is also important in cultivating your personal relationship with your Rottweiler.

As an adult, your Rottweiler will still love to enjoy its frolic time in the yard. However, it will still need and crave for your daily runs or walks.  While it needs regular exercise, an adult Rottweiler can now be kept as a pet in apartment settings. Indoors, your Rottweiler will generally be inactive.  If you live in an apartment, look for the nearest dog park and be sure to pay frequent visits with your dog. Being with other dogs while exercising will play a big role in maintaining your dog’s social behavior and temperament while keeping the unwanted pounds away.  When you keep your adult Rottweiler in a condo or apartment, you should be able to give your pet its regular dose of exercise twice a day including long daily walks or runs.   

If you are contemplating on whether or not a Rottweiler is the best breed for you, keep in mind that it is a working breed. It will not be happy being left alone all day and sitting around doing nothing.  You should ask yourself if you are ready to give your Rottweiler the daily exercise that it needs.  Remember, that big or small, a dog’s undesirable traits often crop up out of boredom and lack of exercise. 

A Rottweiler will need your commitment and time.  When you are willing and you have the time to exercise your dog on a daily basis, you will find that it will help create a strong and personal bond between you and your pet.