Essentials for Traveling with Your Rottweiler

Whether your Rottweiler is a puppy or an adult, traveling with him or her can be overwhelming. Many dog owners tend to pack up their dog’s things at the last moment before a trip. This can be stressful because it usually leads to essential items being left behind. The next time you bring your Rottweiler on a trip with you, be sure to pack the essentials to assure a smooth experience. There are a variety of essentials your dog will need on the trip.

·        Veterinarian Information – First you will want to locate the veterinarian or animal hospital at your desired destination. Write down or program the name of the veterinarian, the address and telephone number into your cell phone. This will come in handy if there are any emergencies during your trip.

·        Kennel –All dogs, including Rottweiler’s are den animals. They seek comfort in kennels. You will want to purchase a kennel large enough for your dog to lie down, stretch out, stand up and turn around in easily and comfortably. A kennel is beneficial on trips to keep your dog safe and calm as well as provide him a place to sleep and travel.

·        Leash, Collar and Tags – Make sure your dog’s collar fits properly and the information on the tags is current. Bring along a leash since most camp sites and dog-friendly hotels require dogs to be on leashes when in public areas.

·        Food, Water and Medication –Pack enough food, water and medication to last at least two to three days past your return date. This allows room for error such as delayed flights and extended visits.

·        Airline Safety –If you are traveling by plane contact the airline to learn about their pet travel guidelines. Each airline may have specific requests and rules that you need to adhere to in order to have a safe travel experience for your dog.

·        Sedatives –If your dog is a nervous traveler you should speak to the veterinarian regarding possible sedatives for the trip. Some dogs experience severe anxiety and sedatives can help ease their nervousness and make the trip more pleasant for him or her.

·        Toys –This may not seem like a travel necessity to you, but your Rottweiler most-likely has his or her favorite toys that will comfort them during the trip. Having something familiar will help them coat with new surroundings and keep them occupied during the trip.

You can choose to bring along any other items you feel will help your Rottweiler enjoy the trip. Blankets, toys, treats and much more will help improve the experience. If you are taking a road trip make sure the car, SUV or truck you are driving has air conditioning or heat, depending on the weather during your trip. If you are traveling by plane make sure you contact the airline immediately to learn of their regulations, sometimes they may require you to provide veterinarian documentation and have certain kennels and other items for your dog. These items can take time to purchase and you don’t want to run around last minute. Make the trip with your Rottweiler as much fun and interesting as possible so they remain entertained and happy.

Photo credit: Aoife/Flickr