Games to Play With Your Rottweiler

It's probably safe to assume that every dog owner has played the odd game of fetch, but you can get much more creative than that when it comes to playing games with your dog. Rottweilers are extremely intelligent canines, so they need plenty of mental stimulation. Playing any one of these games with your dog will help to keep his brain active and keep him entertained. Playing games and keeping your dog stimulated is especially useful in curbing unwanted behavior, such as barking or destructive chewing.

Hide and Seek

Not only will playing hide and seek be fun for your rotty, it will help you perfect some basic commands. Ask your dog to sit or lie and stay, before going into another room and hiding yourself (not too well, just behind a curtain or coach will do!). Once you've hidden, call your dog and wait for him to come to you. When he finds you, give him some treats and lots of praise. Repeat until one of you gets bored.

Find the Treat

To play this game you will need some small treats plus five to ten empty yogurt pots or toilet roll inners. Keep your rottweiler in a different room while you set the game up. Arrange the toilet roll inners or yogurt pots (be sure to turn them upside down) in a random group on the floor, keeping at least foot or so between each one. Put a treat underneath just one of them. Call your dog in and tell him “go find” or “find the treat.” He'll be able to smell that there's a treat around, but in order to get to it he'll have to knock over the right yogurt pot or toilet roll inner. See how long it takes him to find the treat and whether he goes to the right place straight away or knocks over a few duds first.

Go Wild and Freeze

Go wild and freeze is a good way of reinforcing the use of commands, so that your rottweiler obeys you even when he's excited. In the same room as your dog, or out in the yard, start jumping around or dancing so that your dog gets excited and joins in, too. Once you've got your rotty playing and jumping around, stop dead and give him the command to sit or lie, so that he stops, as well. Once you're both frozen, you can start back up with the jumping or dancing and do the whole thing over again.

Stairway Dash

As long as you have a flight of stairs in your house, you can play this game. Stand at the bottom of the stairs with your dog and ask him to sit and stay. Then throw the ball up to the top of the stairs, onto the landing. Tell your dog “okay” and let him run madly to go and fetch the ball from up the top of the stairs. He can then return it to you more slowly. Doing this from the bottom of the stairs to the top, rather than top to bottom, means it puts less pressure on your rotty's joints. Avoid playing this with puppies under 15 months old, as their joints aren't yet fully developed and it could cause them damage.

Photo credit: Carrie Cizauskas/Flickr