Grooming Your Rottweiler

Rottweiler’s have short coats that shed frequently and require regular brushing to remove hair. Caring for your Rottweiler’s grooming needs is fairly easy but requires time and patience. Basic grooming needs include brushing, bathing, nail trimming and cleaning the ear, eyes and teeth. If you feel that you are not able to keep your Rottweiler steady during this process or it is overwhelming for you, seek the assistance of a professional groomer.


As mentioned before you will need to brush your Rottweiler’s short coat regularly. Rottweiler’s shed their hair all year long and regular brushing helps remove the loose hair and prevents it from going all over your house. Your goal is to brush your Rottweiler’s coat at least once a week to remove hair, debris and sticky substances, in addition to activating the oils in the skin.


Begin bathing your Rottweiler from the time he or she is a pup. This will help the bathing process go smoothly as they grow into an adult. Rottweiler’s short coats need to be washed with specialized canine shampoo about every 8 to 12 weeks. If your Rottweiler has an active lifestyle that keeps him or her outdoors they can develop an odor which may require you to bathe them more frequently that the suggested time frame.

Nail Trimming

This grooming procedure is a sensitive topic for most dog owners. The fact that the quick in the nail can become accidentally nicked and cause bleeding and pain for their dog scares most owners away from the procedure. At times, owners will allow the veterinarian to trim their dog’s nails or a professional groomer. If you would like to try to handle the task yourself there are specialized nail cutters for dogs that are recommended. Most models even have a safety feature that helps avoid cutting the quick. Regular nail trimming is essential to your Rottweiler’s paw and nail health.

Ears and Eyes

Rottweiler’s will have slight discharge near their eyes. You can gently and carefully wipe away the discharge by using a soft cotton towel. Be careful not to poke or injure your dog’s eyes during the process. Ear cleaning is also done with a soft cotton cloth and a specialized canine ear cleaner. The veterinarian can recommend a suitable ear cleaning solution for your Rottweiler.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing your dog’s teeth is essential to their dental health. While Rottweiler’s don’t necessarily get cavities they can develop tartar buildup that leads to gum disease. You will want to brush your Rottweiler’s teeth at least once a week to assure good dental health throughout his or her lifetime.