Myths and Misconceptions About Rottweilers

It seems that everyone has an opinion on rottweilers and most of them aren't positive ones. The problem is that these dogs have got lots of bad press over the years and most of it is entirely false and based on assumptions. Of course, a rottweiler can be dangerous and aggressive, but so can any dog if raised badly, abused or mistreated. These are just a few myths and misconceptions about rottweilers.

They're Vicious or Aggressive

False! A rottweiler who has been badly treated or taught to be aggressive has the potential to be a threat, but they're not naturally vicious dogs. In fact, they're friendly, affectionate and loyal animals. A recent study by Dog Bite Claims found that the breed most likely to bite a human was the Dachshund, followed closely by the tiny Chihuahua. Rottweilers didn't even make the top 10.

They're Stubborn and Hard to Train

False! Quite the opposite, actually. While rottweilers can be willful, they're also highly intelligent and enjoy learning. This makes training them a breeze. They've even been used as service dogs, therapy dogs and police dogs, and have been used in the armed forces.

They're Bad With Children

False! Any dog has the potential to be boisterous around children, but a well trained and well socialized rottweiler is more likely to be a soppy bundle of fun around kids. The important thing to remember is that a child needs to be taught how to treat a dog just as much as a dog needs to be taught how to treat a child. No matter how sweet your rotty is, it's never wise to leave him unattended with a small child.

They'll Turn on Their Owners

False! Of course, there have been cases of rottweilers biting or attacking their owners, but look closely and there are usually mitigating circumstances. If a dog is beaten or abused by his owners, he's going to become stressed and fearful. It's not hard to understand why he might attack them the next time they try to hit him. A rottweiler who is only ever shown love, affection and respect isn't going to attack his owner for no reason.

They Should Be Kept Outdoors

False! Although some people think of rottweilers as guard dogs, they're certainly not a breed who should be kept outdoors (nor is any dog, for that matter). Rottweilers thrive as family pets and should always be kept in the home. Not only is it unkind to keep a member of your family out in the yard, rottweilers have thin coats and get cold easily.

They're Bad With Other Animals

False! Rottweilers can get on well with other family pets, as long as they're carefully introduced to one another and socialized from an early age. That said, it's wise to be careful with animals that a dog might consider prey, such as rabbits or cats. Most rotties are great with other dogs, although it's best to neuter male dogs who are kept in the same household, to avoid territorial behavior. If you want to keep a cat and a rotty together, it may be best to get your rottweiler as a puppy or rescue a dog who has previously lived with cats. 

Photo credit: Rita Kochmarjova/Shutterstock