Socializing Your Rottweiler

Rottweilers need to begin socializing training between 8 to 12 weeks old.  If you adopted an older dog, you will want to begin socializing the moment you bring him or her home. Dog owners will want to be patient with your Rottweiler because everything is new to them and it is generally the first time they have been separated from their mother since the moment they were born. There are a variety of things you can do to socialize your Rottweiler and make the process smooth.

·        Meet the Family –Introduce immediate family members that live in your home as soon as your Rottweiler pup arrives home. Then invite family and friends over to meet your new pup. Allow your dog to get familiar with being held, pet, kissed and enjoy play sessions with toys.

·        Exploring the House – Allow your Rottweiler pup to explore his or her new home when you first arrive. He or she will enjoy sniffing and licking things as they run around the house becoming familiar with their new surroundings.

·        Friendly Neighbors –You will be taking your dog for a walk daily, so your neighbors will become part of your Rottweiler’s every day routine. Take him or her for walks around the neighborhood to allow them to learn about all of the other dogs, pets and wild animals such as birds and squirrels in the area. Chances are he or she may make friends and have future play dates at the dog park with some of the neighborhood dogs.

·        Visit Dog Parks – Neighborhood dog parks have become increasingly popular over the years. Some are now creating special zones and activities related to the size of the dog. This assures that your Rottweiler is playing with dogs his or her own size. Since Rottweiler’s tend to be a bit clumsy it is highly important they don’t play with smaller dog breeds unless they are close to their size as a pup. Keep your dog in play areas where he or she is safe and can genuinely have a good time playing with other dogs. Meeting new dogs can be a bit overwhelming for some dogs since there may be too many approaching your dog at once. You can ask a friendly pet parent nearby if they would like to help you with socializing your dog and have their dog meet separately with yours.  

Socialization is essential to having a well-behaved Rottweiler. Lack of socialization can cause sudden fear, nervousness, anxiety and stress on your Rottweiler during social situations. Some dogs may develop social anxiety and prefer only to be around their familiar family members. While this does make them feel more comfortable, it also lessens the quality of their life. They are missing out on plenty of fun and interaction that is needed for a Rottweiler to live a well-balanced life. As a dog owner you will want to provide the best lifestyle for your Rottweiler. Socializing him or her allows them to be comfortable in their surroundings and around people and other animals.

Photo credit: Doug Pieper/Flickr