The Top 10 Male Names for Rottweilers

Known for his muscular build and his black-and-tan coloration, the Rottweiler is an attractive and popular dog breed. These dogs can be surprisingly affectionate with family which is a direct contrast with the way many people view the breed. If you are thinking about getting a Rottweiler of your own, think carefully about what you are going to name him because he will carry that name for the rest of his life. Below you will find a list of the top 10 male names for Rottweilers.

1. Axel– The name Axel has been given to many famous men throughout history, particularly German history. This name translates to mean “peaceful” which is a great description of the Rottweiler’s natural temperament when properly trained and socialized.

2. Boris– The Rottweiler is a German dog breed, so why not give your dog a name that complements his heritage? Boris is a traditional German name that translates to “fighter”. While the Rottweiler is not inherently aggressive, he is very protective of his family and will fight for them if need be.

3. Apollo– The name Apollo belongs to the Roman God of the sun and it is a name that evokes power and awe – just like the Rottweiler!

4. Gunther– Another German name, Gunther translates to mean “battle warrior”. This name is perfect for the Rottweiler because these dogs have a stubbornness in them that just won’t quit when it comes to defending the people they love.

5. Klaus– This name translates to mean “victorious” and it is a name that brings to mind an image of a great king or lord. Rottweilers are big, impressive dogs so they are worthy of such a name!

6. Luger– A luger is a type of semi-automatic pistol and it packs quite the punch. It is also worth noting that this weapon was designed by a German arms manufacturer. The German heritage and power of this pistol makes it the perfect name for a male Rottweiler!

7. Prince– Rottweilers are such a wonderful breed that it is impossible not to love them. In fact, you may come to adore your Rottweiler so much that you start treating him like a prince, so why not give him that name?

8. Bear– If there is one thing about Rottweilers that is absolutely undisputable it is the fact that they are one of the biggest, strongest breeds out there. For such a muscular and formidable breed as the Rottweiler, the name Bear is very fitting.

9. Tank– What is as big and as formidable as a full-grown male Rottweiler? A tank! A tank doesn’t necessarily imply danger but it does perpetuate a feeling of strength and formidability.

10. Teddy– If you want a name that describes your Rottweiler’s gentle temperament, Teddy is a great name to consider. Although the Rottweiler may look and act tough, he is really just a big teddy bear that needs your love and affection!

A name is more than what you yell when you want your Rottweiler to come – it is also a reflection of your dog’s personality and his temperament. Choosing the perfect name for your dog is not a task that should be taken lightly. If you need help thinking of the perfect name for your male Rottweiler, consider some of the top 10 male Rottweiler names listed above.

Photo credit: Lorraine Yeung/Flickr