What You Should Know Before Owning a Rottweiler

Rottweiler’s are known for their confidence and strong physical appearance. Dog owners choose to welcome a Rottweiler into their family for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include a family dog, companion and guard dog.  Before you fall in love with their soulful eyes you should know a few things about the breed. Once you learn more about Rottweiler’s it will help you make your final decision.

·        Affection – Rottweiler’s are affectionate towards their owners and no matter how large they grow they will always want to sit on your lap. If you are not able to handle weight on your lap or legs you will want to reconsider your choice and look to a smaller breed.

·        Plenty of Food Rottweiler’s require a healthy long term diet. As they grow older and bigger they will need more food at certain times in their life. You will want to feel confident that this long term cost will fit comfortably into your budget.

·        Exercise Requirements – You will need to have time in your schedule to take your Rottweiler for a daily walk. This is a minimum requirement. Rottweiler’s have an abundance of energy that needs to be burned off to avoid behavioral issues.

·        Socialization – You will need to dedicate time to socializing a Rottweiler so that he or she does not become aggressive in public.

·        Boredom Rottweiler’s like to stay busy and their minds need stimulation. If you are not home most of the day and your Rottweiler is home alone and feeling bored, he or she can become destructive.

·        Flatulence Rottweiler’s tend to be gassy at times throughout their life. If you are sensitive to strong odors you may want to consider another breed.

·        Excessive Jumping Rottweiler puppies tend to jump with excitement. You will need patience to endure many training sessions with your dog to break the jumping habit.

·        Excessive Drooling Rottweiler’s have large heads and tend to drool excessively. You will need to clean up after your dog on a regular basis. The drool may leave marks on furniture and clothing.

·        Strong Willed – Rottweiler’s are strong willed and need an owner that can take charge and exudes confidence.

Do you have the patience, strength and confidence to welcome a Rottweiler into your life? If you feel that you are able to handle a Rottweiler that is loyal, calm, steady-tempered and affectionate, you may be making the right choice. Always take into consideration that all dogs have unique personalities. Generally Rottweiler’s have the above requirements that help them live a healthy, happy life.

You will also want to consider the expenses for veterinarian care, regular check-ups, vaccinations and emergencies throughout his or her lifetime. Rottweiler’s also shed regularly and daily cleaning is required to keep your home clean. Rottweiler’s may be strong willed but they are trainable and highly loyal to their owners. When making your final decision, consider all of the requirements it takes to be a good dog owner to a Rottweiler.

Photo credit: Gerry Eisenhaur/Flickr