So You Want to Buy Pet Insurance for Your Rottweiler?

The Rottweiler is a large-breed dog that has earned a name for itself as a talented guard dog and a loyal family companion. Unfortunately, these dogs often get a bad reputation from people who think they are inherently aggressive or dangerous. This misconception affects the Rottweiler breed in a number of ways, including the cost to purchase pet insurance for this breed.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Insurance?

In many ways, pet insurance does the same thing for pet owners that health insurance does for people. Health insurance is designed to help mitigate the costs of health care and pet insurance policies function in a similar way. One of the biggest differences, however, is that most pet insurance policies work by means of reimbursement – you cover the initial cost then submit a claim for the company to repay you. It is also important to note that many pet insurance policies only cover costs associated with accidents, illnesses, or injuries – most plans don’t cover preventive services such as vaccinations or spay/neuter surgery for puppies.

There is a great deal of debate regarding whether or not pet insurance is actually worth it. Like health insurance, you pay a monthly premium in exchange for coverage and you may also be responsible for an annual or per-incident deductible. Pet insurance plans generally don’t cover pre-existing conditions and there may be limits to the type and amount of coverage they offer. If your Rottweiler is very healthy and doesn’t require any medications or recurring treatments, paying for pet insurance each month may not be practical. If you are worried about your Rottweiler’s health due to congenital conditions or work-related injuries, however, you might like having peace of mind in knowing that your dog will be covered by a pet insurance plan.

Tips for Insuring Your Rottweiler

The Rottweiler was bred as a working breed, used largely for herding sheep and cattle. Over the years, however, the breed’s natural protective instincts have been exploited and the breed has gained a negative reputation as a result. Not only does this reputation affect the way people view the Rottweiler breed as a whole, but it also affects things like the price of pet insurance. Many pet insurance companies consider the Rottweiler to be a guard dog or an attack dog and thus they charge higher premiums for Rottweiler owners. If you are thinking about getting pet insurance, the first thing you should find out is whether the company will even cover your Rottweiler.

After navigating the challenges that come with the Rottweiler breed’s negative reputation, there are some other practical things you need to think about before purchasing a pet insurance plan. For example, which type of plan is best to suit your needs? Pet insurance plans come in a number of different forms including accident-only coverage as well as time-limited policies. Some plans will only cover your dog’s veterinary expenses up to a certain amount per incident or per year, so find out the plan’s restrictions before you buy and think carefully about which type of plan will work best for you and your Rottweiler.

Pet insurance is not right for every dog owner, especially if your Rottweiler is healthy and is unaffected by any serious health conditions. Still, if you are worried about having to pay expensive vet bills in the event of an accident or illness, you may find peace of mind in purchasing a pet insurance plan.

Photo credit: GeorgeRudy/Bigstock