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  1. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Hey Everyone, I wanted to share the breeder for our Rottweilers. Von Warterr is who we went through. Very professional, knowledgable and helpful. Feel free to check him out. If you need more help, links, etc. Please reach out to me and I can share more about our...
  2. Vet's Corner
    I have a 4 year old Male Rottweiler that had a turbulent birth. After being the only pup to survive he had an underdeveloped throat flap which caused him to have nasal infections early in his life. He went thru surgery to repair the condition and he hasnt been plagued with the issue for some...
  3. Breed Specific Legislation
    Hey there. I was just wondering if anyone knew a reputable breeder in Ontario or Quebec. I've been looking into the rotweiller breed and doing my research and I've made the decision I would like to have a rotweiller as my companion. If anyone has any information or tips for breeders I'd love...
1-3 of 3 Results