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  1. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Hey Everyone, I wanted to share the breeder for our Rottweilers. Von Warterr is who we went through. Very professional, knowledgable and helpful. Feel free to check him out. If you need more help, links, etc. Please reach out to me and I can share more about our...
  2. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Hello Everyone. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for responsible breeders. I live in Texas but willing to drive for the right pup. Looking for health tested parents with good pedigree. This will be a companion and family dog and I will do obedience with the dog. So...
  3. Breeders & Pedigrees
    I just put down my boy who made it to 11yrs. I purchased him from Jenecks back in 2009..pedigree comes from Bronco and Uno. My puppy/dog was the best companion I ever had..always had my '6', greatest sense of humor, intelligence, loyalty, beautiful Rottie face/head. Naturally, my first instinct...
  4. Breeders & Pedigrees
    I am looking to get another rottweiler. Does anyone recommend any breeders within driving distance of Tennessee? Our first rottie came from Nebraska. We're very happy with him and his breeder but we don't want to ship a puppy again. I've looked at Stoney Creek Rottweilers in Georgia as well as...
  5. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Looking to breed my AKC registered male for pick of the liter in Las Vegas NV.
  6. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Hey, I have decided that I want to get a Rottweiler puppy in the next coming months. I can pay 1,500 for one or 1,000 for pet quality. I love the look of what they call the German Rottweiler as in stocky, big head and a more pushed in face. This puppy will be a pet and I am just looking for...
  7. Breeders & Pedigrees
    If anyone knows of reputable breeders that they have had personal experience with I would love some links to look at. Breeders with parents that have Sch titles is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm in the West TN area but I'll travel for the puppy. ;)
  8. Breeders & Pedigrees
    Anyone hear of, dealt with or can give references for Von Eisenhart Rottweilers? They have had a few dogs with their name in the early 2000's but not any recent information online? Thanks
  9. Breeders & Pedigrees
    First and fore most I apologize for asking a million questions. I am new to the breed and hope to one day have one added to our family. The bf and I have been looking in papers and online at breeders pretty much any where around the states. We wanted to make sure that when we were ready to get...
1-9 of 9 Results