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  1. Vet's Corner
    HI - My Madi was just diagnosed with bone cancer at 9.5 yrs. The vet advised amputate will give her 6 months more, no amputate and she has about 2 months. Has anyone else gone through this and what did you do? Any comments are welcome.
  2. Vet's Corner
    So my six-year-old female Rottweiler started limping out of nowhere last Monday. Her back right leg. She's done this before so I thought she just hurt herself jumping onto the deck again. But the limbing persisted. On Wendesday I took her into the vet and the vet told me that she had torn her...
  3. Vet's Corner
    Here are pictures of our beloved Zeb with osteosarcoma of the jawbone. You can see just how painful it must have been for him. This cancer has usually metastasized by the time it is diagnosed and is very aggressive. We discovered the cancer in October and when he took him in to the vet she...
1-3 of 3 Results