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  1. Nutrition & Grooming
    They are my dogs Marvin and Loki. I taught my dogs how to eat politely and well and then this is our meal :p. Top fastest-eating but very carefully. How do you think about our work?
  2. Rottweiler Discussion
    I have a female rotti she is 8 Months and weighs in at 62lbs. I am new to this breed, my wife has had rottis all her life but never a female only males. So here are a few of my question: My rotti goes days without eating sometimes, is this ok? (She is healthy as per vet) She has huge paws...
  3. Nutrition & Grooming
    Tell me if anyone has any exp with this food. i feed canidae all stage now but on of my pits is thin. So i was thinkin of adding this aas a suplement to add some weight on her its 438 cal per cup. Mix both foods for awhile. Please let me know if anyone uses this food and maybe give some pros and...
  4. Nutrition & Grooming
    Hi! im having a problem.. i was viewing one of the threads and i saw that feeding raw food is the best way to go.. i spoke to my vet and he told me thats nonsense, what do i do? researching has told me otherwise, please please i need your advice, i see some of you here do feed raw foods, how...
1-4 of 4 Results