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  1. Nutrition & Grooming
    They are my dogs Marvin and Loki. I taught my dogs how to eat politely and well and then this is our meal :p. Top fastest-eating but very carefully. How do you think about our work?
  2. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Captain, the huge 125 lb German Rottweiler dog got some training in strength and agility jumping off a wall and over a grass ditch. This is also good practice for doggie parkour. He has spectators looking on. After a meet and greet with the spectators, Mr. Happy Cappy once again has new fans...
  3. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Captain the 125lb rottweiler meets some tiny dogs at the oceanwalk.
  4. Videos of Your Rottweiler
    Captain got his own YouTube channel called Happy Cappy. Show your support for this gentle giant and go subscribe! Captain is a great ambassador for the rottweiler breed. He is a beautiful 125 lb German rottweiler. This rottie gets so much attention whenever we go out. He's so loved! He's so...
1-4 of 5 Results