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  1. Vet's Corner
    Okay guys help me out here. Which is more reliable having a pin hip done or OFA? Or does it make a difference? If there isn't a difference, then which way would you go? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
  2. Vet's Corner
    Hello again everyone, it's been months since i've posted on here, you may or may not remember my posts about when Rocky had his fall on the stairs at 6 months old, he split his pelvis i believe it was. He is now 1 year old, and is really hurting. From a sit or lay, he uses his upper body to...
  3. Nutrition & Grooming
    I have a 1 year old rottweiler named Angel and she is my baby. We recently noticed that after she plays a lot and runs around that she is often very stiff in her hips and very lethargic afterwards, she will even be stiff and lethargic into the next day. I am beginning to fear the worst that she...
1-3 of 3 Results