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  1. Rescuing & Rehoming
    Far west Texas area looking to rehome 2 spayed female rottweilers. One at a time. Both registered with the World Wide Kennel Registering Offices. Siblings. Born 05/24/2012 This makes them approx. 4-4.5 yrs old. Danica is approx. 75lbs and Roxy is 85lbs. Up-to-date with shots. Danica...
  2. Rescuing & Rehoming
    I am the proud mama of my 7 year-old Rottie, Jesse, who was rescued from a serious case of neglect. I have just started creating a website dedicated to showing everyone out there how many ways they can help rescue animals from abuse/neglect. I am trying to include as many shelters, rescues...
  3. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Isn't she adorable?
  4. Rescuing & Rehoming
    I have been writing several articles on everything to do with Rottweilers. This is one of my articles on Rottweiler Rescue. I am putting this out here for some feedback. My first article didn't go over so well and I'm hoping I've made up for it through this article. Thanks, Robin
1-4 of 4 Results