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  1. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    8 months, right around 80-85 pounds
  2. Rottweiler Discussion
    Rocky is 7 months old, and if my scale is right he's about 74 pounds..what do you think his mature weight will be? just wondering your opinions..thanks everyone! here's a pic of him (7 months exactly) and my beautiful wife
  3. Rottweiler Discussion
    sorry it's been forever since i've posted, i've been super busy at work. Snapped a few pics of Rocky, he's 7 months old as of yesterday, and the wavy hair is still there, if not worse haha. But that's what makes him my special boy..enjoy all!
  4. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    Rocky turned six months old yesterday, here's a few pics. You can tell in the last pic he's still a little sore from the fall down the stairs, he's kind of holding up that left rear leg. But he's healing really good he's a strong boy. He's about 65 pounds right now, and 23-24" tall at the shoulders.
  5. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    23 Weeks Old playing dead lol
  6. Pictures of Your Rottweilers
    beach fun! funtastic smiley adventures! Trouble was saying "cheese" haha
1-7 of 7 Results